(Update written at 10.30pm on Tuesday 10th June)

AT THE MOMENT, IT IS ALL SYSTEMS GO FOR WEDNESDAY’S ADULT GRASSTRACK RACE MEETING AT QUAY PARK, LARNE. Club workers were still working at the track until 8pm tonight, preparing the venue for racing tomorrow. When leaving at 8pm, the rain had passed and with a couple of hours without rain, the paddock was drying out quickly. MetCheck weather forecast gives to be dry through the night and a warm (16 degrees) tomorrow so signs are positive that the event will go ahead as planned.

A track / paddock inspection will take place around lunchtime tomorrow and we will update you further then. We can’t update the club website from trackside so keep an eye on Facebook and you can always contact the MRA Event Line on 02897 561427 for updates when out and about.

Regarding the postponed Youth Grasstrack, the club will search for a new date to run this event in the near future. Competitors should check the club website later this week regarding further information on this and the entry situation. We apologise again for the youth postponement, we were gutted to have to do it, the weather wasn’t on our side.

Hopefully we will see you for racing tomorrow night. Signing on 4.15pm until 5.45pm | Practice 6pm | Racing 6.30pm. Further information on this event is on our club website

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