THANK YOU | From a great day at Carneal Road

✅ Promote a grasstrack in 2020.

📷 Ian Cairns

It's been a difficult year for everyone but thankfully we were able to get one grasstrack in and what a great day it was, aside from the weather catching up with us in the afternoon!

👏 Huge thanks to everyone that helped on the day and also to those who raced. We ended up with 84 adults and 42 youth competing at what turned into a challenging track at Carneal Road. No less than 84 day licences were issued too which is fantastic to see.

Special mentions to:

➡️ James Irvine & Family (Landowners)

➡️ North West Community Ambulance Service (Medical Team)

➡️ Cornerstone Off Road Motorcycle Academy (Trophies)

➡️ Beyond Signage (Signs)

➡️ MRA (COVID-19 Return to MX)

➡️ Wesley Sloan (Start Lights)

➡️ Roy Neill (Commentator)

➡️ Maurice Auld (MRA Steward)

➡️ LJ's Catering

➡️ Marshals

We hope that everyone had a great day out and we will look forward to our next event, whenever that may be!




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