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There have been plenty of new additions for the 2015 event

We had a very productive day on site in Glenarm yesterday building the 2015 EnduroCross track. Just four club workers, two digger drivers, one groundsman and one test rider was all we needed to construct what will be our most exciting circuit yet!

We can now publish the provisional track map for you all to see and it certainly looks action packed. The bed of logs has been doubled, concrete pipes are now in a new formation while the water splash and log combinations have returned. The track length has also been extended out by 50 yards and another pit added for good measure as you come back towards the arena.

'Chicken Runs' are new for 2015 will be where the Clubman & SuperVETS can miss out a more tricky obstacle by winding their way around the alternative route, strangely enough, these areas are shown by chickens on the map!

We also had Neil McKeown of T9 Images down on site yesterday afternoon to capture footage for the event and rider preview videos coming soon. Stay tuned to the website and social media channels for these, our test rider Davey Mulligan already has some teaser clips up on Facebook if you haven't noticed already.

We can't wait to watch the action unfold next Thursday across the three action packed classes make sure you are there as a rider or spectator to take in the festival event for yourself. Rider entries will close at 8pm on Tuesday and are available online on this website.

As we always ask, please help us promote the HTM Off Road EnduroCross by sharing this post, thanks!




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